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Focus Area: Housing & Neighborhood Development Committee FY2010/11
Initiative Measure Target Prior Year
H&ND.1 Improve the safety and appearance of neighborhoods by implementing comprehensive infrastructure improvements A. Number of neighborhood transportation, storm water, area plans and infra-structure projects completed A. FY2010:  24
    FY2011:  37
A. New Measure
H&ND.2 Conduct a pilot program to connect neighborhoods to jobs, goods & services and security along a business corridor (to be determined) A. Number of adjoining neighborhood residents gaining employment A. FY2010: 10
    FY2011: 15
  B. Increase in access to retail opportunities percentage as measured by Neighborhood Quality of Life Study B. FY2010: 5%
    FY2011: - NA -
  C. Reduction in crime in the corridor and adjoining neighborhoods C. FY2010: 5%
    FY2011: 5%
C. New Measure
H&ND.3 Undertake a "Comprehensive Review of the City's Housing Policy" incorporating all segments of the local affordable housing industry A. Update the City's Affordable Housing Policy A. FY2010: 100%
    FY2011: - NA -
A. New Measure
H&ND.4 Improve the quality of life trends in challenged, transitioning and stable Neighborhood Statistical Areas A. Reduce the number of challenged neighborhood statistical areas as measured by the bi-annual Neighborhood Quality of Life Study (QOL) A. FY2009: - NA -
    FY2010: 18
    FY2011: - NA-
A. FY2008: 20
  B. Graduate neighborhoods from the City's revitalization program B. FY2009: 1
    FY2010: 1
    FY2011: 1
B. FY2008: 1
  C. The number and percent of improvement in declining NSAs based on the bi-annual Neighborhood Quality of Life Study C. FY2009: - NA-
    FY2010: 9 of 12 - 75%
    FY2011: - NA -
C. FY2009 10 of 13 - 77%
H&ND.5 Increase the supply of affordable housing units, number of units serving households earning 80%, 60% and 30% or less of the area median income (AMI) and number of homeownership units A-1 Total Unit Production A-1. FY2009: 1,000
       FY2010: 1,000
       FY2011: 1,000
A-1. FY2008: 1,024
  A-2 80-61% AMI Units A-2. FY2009: 400
       FY2010: 400
       FY2011: 400
A-2. FY2008: 405
  A-3. 60-31% AMI Units A-3. FY2009: 450
       FY2010: 440
       FY2011: 430
A-3. FY2008: 445
  A-4. 30-0% AMI Units A-4. FY2009: 150
       FY2010: 160
       FY2011: 170
A-4. FY2008: 174
  A-5. Homeowner Production A-5. FY2009: 450
       FY2010: 450
       FY2011: 450
A-5. FY2008: 510
H&ND.6 Address deteriorating and blighted non-residential structures A. City Council's adoption of the non-residential enforcement ordinance A    FY2009: - NA -
      FY2010: 100%
      FY2011: - NA -
A     FY2008: - NA -
H&ND.7 Address foreclosures in targeted revitalization areas A-1. Implementation of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program A-1 FY2010: 100%
      FY2011: - NA -
A-1 New Measure
  A-2 Number of units completed A-2 FY2010: 25
      FY2011: 40
A-2 New Measure