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City of Charlotte's Corporate Objectives
Serve the Customer - What is our mission and vision?
  • Reduce Crime - Decrease crime with community -oriented policing and other strategies that target crime categories or offenders.
  • Increase Perception of Safety - Improve perception of safety by enhancing police community problem-solving partnerships, improving neighborhood appearance, and addressing neighborhood decay and nuisances.
  • Strengthen Neighborhoods - Deliver planning, infrastructure, environmental safety, and capacity building investments to improve and sustain the quality of life in neighborhoods.
  • Provide Transportation Choices - Provide programs and services that expand travel choices and increase use of alternative modes of transportation.
  • Safeguard the Environment - Provide programs and services that protect the City's land, water, air, and open space resources.
  • Promote Economic Opportunity - Provide programs and services that enhance the quality of life and make Charlotte an attractive location for quality jobs and businesses.
Run the Business - At what processes must we excel to achieve the mission and vision?
  • Develop Collaborative Solutions - Elevate citizen service above key business unit customer service. Develop internal and external partnerships to solve problems and share control in leadership, planning, accountability, risk and reward.
  • Enhance Customer Service - Improve service delivery to internal and external customers. Provide services that are accessible, responsive, courteous, and seamless.
  • Optimize Business Processes - Analyze key business processes to ensure alignment to organizational business strategies and priorities and apply shared technologies to improve service delivery, increase operational efficiencies and control cost.
Manage Resources - How do we ensure value in achieving the mission and value?
  • Maintain AAA Rating - Pursue fiscal policy that will maintain the City's AAA credit rating.
  • Deliver Competitive Services - Ensure value and quality of services by being productive and efficient in service delivery. Maximize public resources through benchmarking, competition, privatization, and optimization.
  • Expand Tax Base and Revenues - Increase available revenues by expanding tax base through residential and business development. Seek funding partnerships and other revenue sources to lessen reliance upon property tax.
  • Invest in Infrastructure - Support priorities by optimizing existing infrastructure and creating new infrastructure, including streets, technology, equipment, and facilities. Ensure capital and land use investments are consistent with Smart Growth principles.
Develop Employees - How do we develop employees to respond to the mission and vision?
  • Achieve Positive Employee Climate - Strengthen work-life environment where employees are empowered, motivated, and productive.
  • Recruit and Retain Skilled, Diverse Workforce - Select and retain qualified and diverse workforce to meet community needs.
  • Promote Learning and Growth - Maximize employee development through training opportunities. Create a learning environment where employees are encouraged to test ideas and explore new methods.