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Regional Planning

Long Range Planning
Regional Planning
Transportation Cabinet

Regional Planning and Priorities
Initiate a series of steps to assess opportunities for better regional transportation planning and to improve coordination and collaboration among existing planning bodies. 
1.  Mecklenburg-Union MPO Chair continues dialogue with chairs of the other three MPOs in this region, to open communication channels and determine common interests.  Coordinators of the four regional MPOs meet quarterly to ensure coordination and sharing of information.
2.  Participate with State in discussion of consolidating MPOs to better address regional transportation issues.
3.  Continue collaborative efforts with Chamber/Centralina COG initiatives: Advantage Carolina and "Voices and Choices."
- An ongoing means for discussing and setting regional priorities that helps assure Charlotte's continued economic vitality and also meets the emerging transportation needs of surrounding towns and counties. 
- Submit periodic status reports

Regional Modeling
Take a leadership role in developing a regional information modeling system for transportation planning.
1.  Refine Action Plan with NCDOT officials and staff
2.  Meet and coordinate with regional MPOs, Charlotte Chamber, Centralina GOC and other agencies as appropriate.
3.  Regional MPO instruct staff to work with NCDOT and SCDOT to establish participation, roles and commitments and prepare draft Memorandum of Understanding among parties.
4.  Develop staffing and funding details for implementation no later than July 1, 2001.
- Development of a single regional model that can become the basis for long-term regional action on transportation needs.