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Benefits of Working for the City

The City of Charlotte wants to attract and retain qualified, productive and motivated employees who will provide efficient and effective services to the citizens. An employee’s total compensation is comprised of pay and benefits. Pay will be based on performance while considering market conditions. We offer a variety of benefits depending upon the type of employment (temporary or regular). 

For newly hired regular employees, we provide:

  • 10 days annual paid vacation (full-time employee)
  • 12 days annual paid sick leave (full-time employee)
  • Military, jury duty, funeral & school support paid leave
  • Health,  Dental, Vision & Life insurance coverages
  • Employer paid short-term disability program
  • Coverage under the NC Retirement System or the Charlotte Firefighters' Retirement System (if a firefighter) pension plans
  • Employer contribution to the City's 401(k) plan
  • 401(k) & 457 voluntary deferred compensation programs
  • Flexible spending account programs
  • Free and confidential Employee Assistance Program
  • Educational reimbursement for approved training

For detailed information including costs, see the Benefits Summary.

The City of Charlotte is an at-will employer.  The City reserves the right to modify policies, programs and practices including the right to change employee contributions to health and benefit programs.

These pages are a summary of benefits. See the Summary Plan Descriptions for plan details. Participation in any of the City’s benefits plans should not be viewed as a contract of employment. While the City of Charlotte intends to provide these benefits for an indefinite period of time, it reserves the right to terminate, suspend, withdraw, amend or modify the plan at any time. Any such change or termination of benefits will be based solely on the decision of the City and may apply to active employees, future retirees and current retirees as either separate groups or as one group.