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CLT Airport: Weather Operations Update
Tuesday, January 11, 2010

Contact: Haley Gentry
704-359-4933 or

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is open and available for arrivals and departures. The following is an update regarding CLT airline operations:
  • American - limited flights
  • Delta - limited flights
  • US Airways - limited flights
  • United - limited flights
  • Continental - operating at a full schedule
  • JetBlue - limited flights
  • AirTran - operating at a full schedule
  • Lufthansa - operating at a full schedule

CLT is serving those customers who choose to remain inside the terminal. Ongoing weather conditions and freezing temperatures, including deicing fluid availability, airline and TSA staffing, and airline logistics along the east coast, continue to place a strain on available resources.   

CLT is working with airlines on operational issues, including accommodating diverted aircraft. The Airport is also working with suppliers regarding deicing solution availability and to maintain ample supplies. As the airport operator, CLT is focused on maintaining safe airfield conditions (ramp, taxiways and runways).

Weather conditions will continue to change over the next several hours and can result in rapidly changing information and airline operations. Customers are advised to check the status of their flight before arriving at the airport by visiting their airline’s website.