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Charlotte Plugs in to the Future of Energy
Monday, March 26, 2012

Contact: Catherine Bonfiglio, 704-336-4936

The City of Charlotte is now plugged in to the nation’s electric vehicle infrastructure with the installation of 26 charging stations over seven locations, and the purchase of eight electric vehicles for the City’s fleet. Both are pilot projects to determine the practicality of electric vehicles for Charlotte’s fleet and to gauge public use and demand for strategically-placed electric vehicle charging stations. The projects are two of the 17 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant projects funded with support from the U.S. Department of Energy.
“This is a great step for our City organization and community as we advance our goals of energy conservation and clean air, while incorporating energy-saving technologies into our daily lives,” said Mayor Anthony Foxx. “And in developing our energy projects, we recognized that to affect air quality by getting more electric vehicles on the road, our residents need to have the ability to charge an electric car while away from their home charging station,” Foxx added.
The City purchased seven fully electric Nissan Leafs and one Chevy Volt, which operates in electric mode for short trips, but also has a gasoline powered engine for extended range driving. The Leafs are in use by the following departments: Engineering & Property Management, CDOT, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department, Aviation, and Neighborhood & Business Services. There is a Volt and Leaf for use by City employees at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. The City’s electric vehicle fleet will be noticeable around town, as they have been decorated with graphics advertising the Power2 Charlotte campaign; the education component of the City’s energy initiatives.
Charging stations are now available at the following locations: 6 stations at the CMGC Parking Deck - 5 stations at CATS I-485 Station Park & Ride Parking Deck - 5 stations at CATS Mallard Creek Park & Ride - 4 stations at CATS Huntersville Gateway Park & Ride - 2 stations on North Tryon Street near The Square - 2 stations on South Tryon Street near the Mint Museum - 2 stations on South Blvd near Circle at South End Apartments. Charging station sites located on City-owned property each include one handicapped-accessible charging station space. The charging stations will become available for use during the week of April 1.
As an investment in supporting the use of electric vehicles, the City will not be charging users at City-owned stations for a limited time, as it is covered by the grant. Motorists using the charging stations can also subscribe to the ChargePoint network to reserve or check the availability of the stations.

A new element to the program is a partnership between the City and Charlotte-area Chevrolet and Nissan dealerships in the Power2 Charlotte campaign, helping to educate electric vehicle owners and the public about the City’s energy initiatives. “We are thrilled to have them on-board as a partner in promoting energy efficiency and conservation,” Mayor Foxx added. Dealerships that have joined Power2 Charlotte include City Chevrolet, Parks Chevrolet, Steve Moore Chevrolet, East Charlotte Nissan, Modern Nissan of Lake Norman, and South Charlotte Nissan.
To learn more about the Power2Charlotte campaign, visit