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City & County inclement weather updates
Thursday, February 13, 2014
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Joint Information Center

City asks residents to remain aware of conditions

While rising temperatures have started to thaw certain areas of Charlotte, residents are asked to remain cautious.  While conditions on some of the main thoroughfares have improved, CDOT crews have begun treating secondary roads and neighborhood streets, many of which continue to have snow and ice.
Residents are encouraged to stay off the roads tonight if possible, and to take extra precautions during the morning commute because tonight’s dropping temperatures will refreeze thawing snow and ice.
Pedestrians venturing out this evening or tonight should wear bright reflective clothing, stay on the sidewalks if possible and walk facing traffic.
Officials also reminds residents that emerging from the snowstorm will be an extended event with subsequent clean-up effort.  Additional decisions on City services will be made later this evening.