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City Council approves several Engineering & Property Management consent items

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Contact: Jim Banbury, Engineering & Property Management

During the January 27 Charlotte City Council meeting, these Engineering & Property Management items were approved.  Below is a detailed summary of the items:
Restoration of Reedy Creek Stream in order to maximize environmental benefit while creating conditions that will also yield mitigation credits
The Reedy Creek Stream Restoration project will enhance the headwaters of Reedy Creek while generating stream mitigation credit.  The City’s primary goal is to maximize environmental benefit while creating conditions that will also yield mitigation credits.  Work will include evaluation of approximately 28,000 linear feet of streams and approximately 3.1 acres of wetlands within the 1,630 acre watershed.
The Reedy Creek Stream Restoration project also serves as a collaboration with the landowner, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department, to provide educational opportunities and maximize benefits to the park, a nature preserve.  The restoration project will also be the first Storm Water Services project to use the design and build process, which employs a single-contracted entity to complete design and construction activities.  
When a construction project impacts a stream, the Clean Water Act requires projects to mitigate impacts to streams and wetlands by restoring similar features within the project area or elsewhere, or to pay a mitigation fee into a publicly held fund or bank.  In 2004, the City established a Stream Restoration Mitigation Bank to hold mitigation credits that can be used later by City, Mecklenburg County and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School public projects.  Mitigation credits are currently sold by the bank to individual projects which allows the Storm Water Program to recoup the cost associated with restoring streams. Stream restoration is the process of converting a degraded, eroding stream corridor to a stable condition.  Stream restoration projects generate mitigation credit that can be used to offset stream and wetland impacts on public projects. Sediment from eroding stream banks is one of the largest sources of stream impairment in Mecklenburg County, and the City’s federally-required storm water permit requires that streams be protected from such impacts.
City Council approved a contract in the total amount of $900,000 with Wildlands Engineering for engineering services on the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration Project.
West Boulevard sidewalk project increasing connectivity
The project will support the City’s Sidewalk Program to enhance connectivity, offer transportation choices and improve pedestrian safety. The project includes the installation of sidewalk along West Boulevard from Dawnalia Drive to connect to Norfolk Southern Railroad (.40 mile), planting strips, curb and gutter, driveways, accessible ramps and storm drainage improvements. Construction is expected to be complete by second quarter 2014.
City Council approved a contract in the total amount of $224,000.11 with DOT Construction Inc. for construction of the West Boulevard Sidewalk Project.
Council approves purchase of land for the Westover Division of CMPD
City Council approved the purchase of approximately 5.323 acres on West Boulevard near Old Steele Creek Road for the Westover Division Station of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. A new 14,500 square foot building is proposed and includes 12,500 square feet for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and 2,000 square feet for Neighborhood & Business Services Code Enforcement. The new City-owned facility will replace leased space in the Westover Commons Shopping Center and Westside Services Center. 

City Council approved the purchase of approximately 4.963 acres from Imani, LLC ($537,000) and 0.36 acres from Habitat for Humanity ($12,000) for the Westover Division Station of CMPD.
Other consent items approved by City Council last night include funding a contract for On-Call Demolition Services for a period of three years and Landscape Maintenance Services contracts for grounds and median maintenance for ten districts within the City limits.