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Incoming Charlotte City Attorney Appoints Johnson, Root to Senior Positions
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Contact: Keith Richardson, 704-336-5865

Incoming Charlotte City Attorney Robert Hagemann has appointed Carolyn Johnson and Hope Root to the positions of Senior Deputy City Attorney and Deputy City Attorney, respectively.
Johnson and Root will report directly to Hagemann, who will succeed Mac McCarley as City Attorney when McCarley retires at the end of December. Currently, Johnson is the Wilmington City Attorney; however she previously worked for six years in the Charlotte City Attorney’s Office, serving as the senior attorney for the Charlotte Area Transit System. In her new position, Johnson will assist Hagemann in overseeing the City’s legal affairs and advising the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and staff.
Root, presently a Senior Assistant City Attorney, has served as legal counsel for the City’s Human Resources Department since 1994. In her new role as Deputy City Attorney, she will assume responsibilities that include office operations, strategic planning and policy development, and management and evaluation of staff attorneys.

”Carolyn is a wise counselor who has a wealth of public sector legal experience and a familiarity with the organization and community. Hope’s experience advising and representing City departments on personnel matters makes her uniquely suited to take on management and supervisory responsibilities within the City Attorney’s Office,” Hagemann said. “I am excited about the opportunity to serve the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager together with these two leaders and a team of talented and dedicated assistant city attorneys.”
Johnson earned her bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her law degree from Washington and Lee University. Root earned a bachelor's degree from East Carolina University and her law degree from Wake Forest University. The attorneys will start their new positions in January 2012.