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Need a Speaker? Program launched by City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
June 23, 2014
Andrew Bowen, City of Charlotte
(704) 336-2175
Sophia Hollingsworth, Mecklenburg County
(980) 722-2111
Charlotte, NC — The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have teamed up to launch a one-stop web portal that will make it easier for neighborhood organizations and civic groups to request and book speakers from across City and County departments.
The Need a Speaker? program connects organizations with one website and phone number for information about more than 80 topics. Visitors to the web site can gain access to expert speakers on the many programs and services offered by the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. 
The speaker’s bureau was developed out of a need to provide neighborhood organizations, civic groups, and residents with one place to request a speaker without having to find the right staff member directly. The website also allows the City and County to track engagement with organizations and residents on a broader scale and identify new topics that the community is interested in learning about. While speaking topics can be customized to particular needs, there are broad topics published for residents to view to help guide them in their search for the right subject-matter and speaker.
The program will be coordinated according to the submitted request. The City’s Neighborhood and Business Services (NBS) Department will assist with requests for City-related topics, and Mecklenburg County Citizen Involvement will connect the requesting group with the appropriate County speaker. Neighborhoods throughout the City and County will be notified of the new services through a distribution list maintained by NBS.
Neighborhood and homeowners’ associations, community service groups, schools, civic groups, and other community organizations are invited to request a speaker at