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City Manager declares First Night New Year's Eve an Extraordinary Event

Monday, December 23, 2013

Keith Richardson, Corporate Communications & Marketing

Brian Cunningham, CMPD

City Manager Ron Carlee has declared Uptown Charlotte’s First Night New Year’s Eve event as an Extraordinary Event. The City Manager, in collaboration with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, has determined this event meets the criteria as defined in opens in a new windowCharlotte City Code Sec. 15-310. Charlotte City Council adopted the ordinance January 23, 2012, which authorized the City Manager to make declarations of Extraordinary Events. An Extraordinary Event is defined as a large scale event or an event of national or international significance which might attract a significant number of people to a certain geographic area of the city.
The ordinance does not affect the normal way of life for citizens who are going about their daily activities. For example, residents will be able to walk their dog within the extraordinary event boundaries without fear of arrest. The Extraordinary Event designation allows the City to modify its permitting process for activities such as parades and specifies certain items that are prohibited from being brought into certain boundaries of the event.
The attached documents include the City Manager’s declaration regarding First Night, the ordinance amendment as adopted by City Council in 2012, and a list of prohibited items.
​Visit the site for information about City services during the First Night event.