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City relaunches new, expanded Power2Charlotte website

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

​Contact: Catherine Bonfiglio, Corporate Communications & Marketing
704-336-4936 or 980-322-5591,


The City of Charlotte has refocused, updated, and re-launched the Power2Charlotte website, designed to engage and educate the community on the City’s energy, environment, and sustainability initiatives. In addition, the site provides residents with information to assist them in taking action that contributes to environmental protection, reduced energy consumption, and an increase in sustainable practices in our community.
“The Power2Charlotte site provides our residents, business community, and regional organizations with a central resource to learn about the City’s initiatives and internal practices, and other community-wide efforts happening in area neighborhoods,” explained Rob Phocas, Energy and Sustainability Manager for the City.
The website creates a dynamic environment to distribute interactive content through four different sections.  Here’s a brief breakdown on each section:
The Power2 Lead section details the City’s internal practices, external initiatives, and enables the site visitor to learn more about the City’s policies and practices, the work of the Council Environment Committee, and the Council Environment Focus Area Plan.
The Power2 Learn page examines the City’s past and future strategies for energy, the environment, and sustainability, while providing information for residents on how they can take action within their own home that contributes to a more sustainable community.
The Power2 Participate section provides information about initiatives, programs, and events that engage the community in being active stewards of the environment.
The Power2 Partner page is a gateway to the City’s many private and public sector partners who are engaged in similar programs and services, with the goal of a sustainable future. Through the Power2 Charlotte site, neighborhoods and organizations can request a speaker.
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