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Mayor Kinsey proposes alternative to current Airport Authority bill to avoid litigation
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Contact: Al Killeffer, Office of Mayor Kinsey

Charlotte Mayor Patsy Kinsey sent opens in a new windowproposed legislation to the North Carolina General Assembly Monday night at the request of Representative Ruth Samuelson. The City's proposal is designed to avoid litigation and remove the cloud of uncertainty hanging over Charlotte Douglas International Aiport's future.

The city's bill would create an Airport Commission to provide alternative govenance for the airport, much like the authority proposed by the General Assembly.

The Commission would be an operative structure that would achieve the benefits of an authority without the disadvantage or unintended consequences of Raleigh's proposal.

The Commission proposal would avoid any conflicts with the Federal Aviation Administration, airport bonds and employment of airport employees.

"Representative Samuelson asked me to submit a proposal that the City could support and that would avoid litigation, and I worked with the Council to do just that," said Mayor Kinsey. "Council's proposal creates a new structure and enables us to move forward aggressively to ensure that we demonstrate to the new American Airlines that Charlotte is the best and lowest-cost aipport in their entire system. Acceptance of this proposal by the General Assembly would show that Raleigh is focused on the business of the airport and not a partisan power grab."

Key provisions of the proposal
  1. 11-member commission
    • ​Appointments: 3 Mayor, 8 Council (3 must be from outside Mecklenburg County; 2 must be from west Charlotte)
    • Qualifications: Background in aviation, logistics, construction, facilities management, law, accounting or finance
    • Terms: 4-year, overlapping terms to ensure stability and continuity
  2. ​Commissions powers
    • ​City Council may "delegate to the Commission any power, duty or responsibility regarding the airport."
    • Delegated powers would be "in the areas of finance, reporting, contracting, procurement and compensation" based on recommendations of the consultant and best practices among competitor airports
  3. Timing
    • ​Commission appointments must be made by October 30, 2013
    • Council shall delegate powers to the Commission no later than December 31, 2013