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City responds to General Assembly taking swift action on airport legislation

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kim McMillan, Corporate Communications & Marketing
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Cass Bonfiglio, Corporate Communications & Marketing
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While the new “compromise” bill (SB 380) has already been through House Rules Committee and will likely run in the full House and Senate today, the City continues to state emphatically that this new bill is a cobbled together mishmash of municipal laws and lacks any technical review of airport or operational matters.

The bill is in reaction to our success in getting a Temporary Restraining Order against the bad bill (SB 81) passed last week. 

The City expects declaration of bond default and issues with the FAA. 
The General Assembly is gambling with the airport, writing legislation without knowledge of the consequences. 
This City is reviewing all of its actions to respond if the General Assembly continues down this unnecessary path.