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Scoop the Poop 2011
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Contact: Jennifer Frost, 704-432-0970

It’s gross and smelly, but it’s also the law and helps protect the environment. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is teaming up with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department – Animal Care & Control to tell dog owners to "Scoop the Poop"!

In our community, bacteria from several different types of waste are the number one pollutant of our creeks. It’s estimated that more than 218,000 dogs living in Mecklenburg County are generating the weight of four elephants (about 72,000 pounds) of waste every day!

The best thing for pet owners to do is pick up after their pet every single time. This way pet waste is not left on the ground to run off with stormwater into our creeks, lakes and ponds.

Some other tips:
  • Throw away pet waste in the garbage; never wash it into the gutter or storm drain.
  • Check your pet store for products that make picking up easy.
  • Never dispose of waste in or near creeks or lakes.
  • Carry extra bags in your car so you are prepared when you travel with your pet.
  • Educate your neighbors.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services and Animal Care & Control will be at Saturday’s Bark in the Park festival at Rural Hill Park promoting Scoop the Poop. New programs to get pet owners involved with picking up after their pets will be introduced and prizes will be given away.

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For Bark in the Park information visit