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Improved Recycle It! Program Exceeds First-Year Goal
Charita Curtis, 704-432-3538

August 15, 2011 – (Charlotte, NC)
– The numbers prove it – Charlotte residents are taking advantage of the improved Recycle It! Program. Since the transition to single-stream recycling a year ago, the residential recycling tonnage has increased by 30% in comparison to the same period last year. This exceeded the goal of 20% established for the first year of single-stream recycling.
“We are excited to see such a tremendous increase in the amount of recyclables collected”, said Victoria O. Johnson, Solid Waste Services Key Business Executive. “This increase, we believe, can be attributed to the improvements that were made to the recycling program.”
Last July, Charlotte residents began using the improved residential recycling program. Several improvements made to the program included a 96-gallon rollout cart and the addition of aerosol cans, milk and juice cartons, juice boxes and plastics 3, 4, 5 and 7 to the approved list of items accepted in the program.
In addition to the increase in recyclables collected, Solid Waste Services has noted the overall single-family recycling participation rate is now 50%, meaning approximately 50% of all households are setting recyclables out on their collection day. Last year’s participation rate was 42%. Also noted during the first year of single-stream recycling was that garbage tonnage decreased by approximately 7%. This diversion of more than 10,000 tons of materials from the landfill produced landfill disposal savings of approximately $274,000.
As the improved Recycle It! Program enters its second year, Johnson says there are things residents can do that will contribute to the continued success of the recycling program. Residents are reminded to:  
  • Remember recycling collection is every-other-week.  “Residents are reminded that recyclables are collected on the same day as garbage and yard waste; however recyclables are collected every-other-week.”
  • Do not place non-recyclables in the recycling cart. Non-recyclable items such as pizza boxes, Styrofoam and plastic bags must not be placed in the recycling cart. A full list of what can and cannot be recycled is available at http://recycleit.charlottenc.gov.
  • Do not bag recyclables. Recyclables should be placed in the green cart un-bagged.  Bagging recyclables slows down sorting the recyclables at the material processing facility.

For more information on the Recycle It! Program, visit http://recycleit.charlottenc.gov or call 311 (704.336.7600).