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New Traffic Pattern: Little Rock Road

​Communicated: January 3, 2014
Beginning date: January 7, 2014

Little Rock Road will shift to a one-way road on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Access to Wilkinson Boulevard from Little Rock Road will close permanently at this time. Traffic will be rerouted to the newly constructed airport road located in the 5900 block of Wilkinson Boulevard. Motorists can continue to access Little Rock Road from Wilkinson Boulevard. This new traffic pattern is necessary for the new airport entrance roadway.

Local access will be maintained.

CATS will be affected.

Weather and unforeseen circumstances occasionally prevent work from being completed as scheduled, and make it unsafe to reopen lanes or streets when planned.  When this occurs, City traffic engineers work directly with other City staff and contractors to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and reduce impacts to the traveling public.

Motorists traveling through work zone areas should be alert and extra cautious.  Drivers should get in the correct lane well in advance and constantly be on the lookout for vehicles merging into adjacent travel lanes as they approach a work zone.  Drivers should double their following distance.


For additional information about this closure, contact Rachel Bingham, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, at 704-359-4804 or or Jimmy Thackston, CDOT, at 704-336-6017 or

For more information about CDOT, contact Nicole Ramsey, CDOT Communications Assistant, at 704-336-3870 or

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