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2000 Charlotte Coin

What better way to celebrate the new millennium than featuring the bust of Queen Charlotte Sophia, for whom the city was named, on the Year 2000 Charlotte Coin?

Charlotte Sophia (1744-1818) was the wife of King George III of England. Mecklenburg County was named in honor of Queen Charlotte's homeland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany.

2000 Charlotte Coin

On November 7, 1768, "Charlotte Town" was incorporated. Even though the residents disagreed with British laws, they hoped to win favor with King George III by naming the town for his wife Queen Charlotte. Queen Charlotte is the great-great-great-great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's current monarch.

Citizens can use Park It! tokens on CATS buses and the LYNX Blue Line. Riders will be credited $1.00 after inserting the token into a bus fare box or train station ticket vending machine. Citizens will then be required to pay the difference to complete the fare and gain access to the service. For a list of CATS and LYNX fares, please visit

The special collector's edition of the 2000 Charlotte Coin in a commemorative gift casing is sold out and no longer available for purchase.