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2001 Charlotte Coin
On May 18, 1891, Charlotte's first electric streetcar departed from Independence Square at the intersection of Trade and Tryon streets.

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of this event, the Park It! Onstreet Parking Program featured the Charlotte Trolley on the 2001 Charlotte Coin.
2001 Charlotte Coin
Park It! introduced the first Charlotte Coin in January 1999 as the validation tool for the  Park! Center City program. The Charlotte Coin makes it more convenient and less expensive to visit Charlotte's Center City.

When patrons visit Center City businesses participating in the Park! Center City program, they receive a $1 Charlotte Coin that is accepted in parking meters and at participating parking lots and garages.

Citizens can use Park It! tokens on CATS buses and the LYNX Blue Line. Riders will be credited $1.00 after inserting the token into a bus fare box or train station ticket vending machine. Citizens will then be required to pay the difference to complete the fare and gain access to the service. For a list of CATS and LYNX fares, please visit  

The presence of the trolley system and its accessibility to residential property brought successful real estate ventures in the late 1800's just as it is fueling development in the South End of Charlotte today.

The special collector's edition of the 2001 Charlotte Coin in a commemorative gift casing is sold out and no longer available for purchase.