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Crosswalk Safety Features
The Charlotte Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, accessible environment for pedestrians. The installation and maintenance of crosswalks and other features help pedestrians to move safely around the city. However, the safety of pedestrians is dependent on the behavior of both motorists and pedestrians. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross at crosswalks and with signals whenever possible. Also, motorists are urged to be mindful of pedestrians and to yield to pedestrians where mandated by state law. Below is a list of crosswalk safety features:

 An example of a curb ramp in Charlotte. Curb Ramps- Creates a smooth grade transition between the sidewalk and crosswalk that is accessible to individuals with disabilities.
Example of a pedestrian refuge Island in Charlotte. Pedestrian Refuge Islands- Provides pedestrians the opportunity to stage their crossing.  Pedestrians can cross one direction of vehicle travel, stop in the island, and wait until it is safe to cross the opposite direction of travel.
 An example of a truncated dome. Truncated Domes- Provides a detectable warning at curb ramps to alert vision impaired individuals of crosswalk locations.
 Example of pedestrian countdown signal in Uptown Charlotte. Countdown Pedestrian Signal- Alerts pedestrians to when they have the right of way to cross the street and how much time they have left to cross.
 An accessible pedestrian signal. Accessible Pedestrian Signal- The signal assists sight and hearing impaired pedestrians cross busy intersections.
 An example of a HAWK signal. High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) Signal- Signal that stops vehicle traffic to allow pedestrians to cross in a marked crosswalk.
 An example of a pedestrian sign. Pedestrian Warning Sign- Alerts motorists to the presence of pedestrians.
 State Law: Vehicles must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. Yield to Pedestrians Sign- State law mandates that vehicles must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.