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Motorist Tips
The Charlotte Department of Transportation encourages motorists to help prevent cyclist injuries. Please remember the following tips:   

  • Stay alert.
  • Be predictable.
  • Signal your turns well before an intersection so cyclists know where they need to be.
  • Be patient.
  • Avoid passing bicyclists just before a traffic signal or sign
  • Do not honk unnecessarily.
  • Cyclists can see and hear motor vehicles. Honking merely jars their nerves and may actually cause an accident.
  • Give cyclists plenty of room to react. Cyclists have to respond to hazards that a motorist may not see (e.g., glass, storm grates, dogs, car doors). Follow and pass at a safe distance.
  • Always look in your left side view mirror before you open a parked car door. Check for bicyclists to help prevent an accident.


Cyclists riding in bike lane with traffic