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Pedestrian Program


The City of Charlotte is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and connected pedestrian system. These safety and mobility goals are supported by the City of Charlotte's Transportation Action Plan (TAP). TAP Policy 2.1.2 states that "the City will promote a balanced and multimodal transportation system that serves the mobility needs of all segments of the population, accommodates all travel modes and promotes community economic development needs." In addition, TAP Objective 2.7 states that "the City will construct 625 miles of sidewalk by 2030."

pedestrians crossing busy street in uptown Charlotte 

CDOT's Pedestrian Program (Charlotte WALKS​) has several initiatives to improve pedestrian mobility:

  • Pedestrian links: There are many resources on the web where you can learn more about pedestrian initiatives in Charlotte, the state and nationwide. ​
  • Pedestrian FAQ: If you want to request a sidewalk or learn more about how sidewalks get built in Charlotte, please click on this link.