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Sidewalk Safety Features
The Charlotte Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, accessible environment for pedestrians. The installation and maintenance of sidewalks help pedestrians to move safely around the city. Some of the sidewalk features are:

 Planting strip along Colony Road. Planting Strips- Provides a physical buffer between the sidewalk and vehicle travel lanes.
pedestrian rail next to sidewalk Pedestrian Rails- Protects pedestrians from sharp grade differences at the edge of a sidewalk.
 pedestrian using a covered sidwalk during construction Covered Sidewalks- Protects pedestrians during construction.
 A sidewalk that is accessible during construction. Sidewalk Accessibility- Provides pedestrians the right to use sidewalks during construction.
 sidewalk closed sign with workers repairing a sidewalk Closed Sidewalks- Diverts pedestrian traffic during construction.
 Street crew working on installing a sidewalk. Sidewalk Repair- CDOT inspects sidewalks and makes repairs to unsafe conditions.