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Kenilworth, Scott and Park Rd. Corridor Study

During the development of the Dilworth Land Use and Streetscape Plan (adopted June 2006), Dilworth residents recommended that the Kenilworth, Scott and Park Road corridors be studied in greater detail.  Residents raised concerns about speeding, pedestrian safety and difficulty crossing these streets.  Residents called for the City to consider roadway treatments that:

  • moderate motorist speeds
  • improve pedestrian crossing opportunities
  • protect on-street parking
  • complement adjacent land uses
  • improve neighborhood livability

As a follow up to the 2006 Plan, the City agreed to further study these corridors.  On 10/24/07 and 11/14/07, approximately 50 residents participated in 2-hour workshops to develop short, mid and long-term concepts to address the above listed issues.

The PowerPoint presentations from the two workshops and related materials as well as recommendations for the corridors are available for viewing.  See links below.

10/24/07 Public Workshop 1

11/14/07 Public Workshop 2

Staff presented the study results at the 3/5/08 DCDA meeting and received support to advance the study recommendations. To date, these improvements have not been funded through City bonds.

  Cyclist on road in Charlotte