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Charlotte Transportation Survey

The 2012 Transportation Survey is a statistically valid household opinion survey about transportation-related issues in Charlotte. The survey is completed every two years as recommended in the City’s Transportation Action Plan in Policy 4.1.4. and Focus Area plan Target Tran.4

Transportation Action Plan Policy 4.1.4: The City will continue to implement a bi-annual survey to determine baseline public awareness and knowledge of the strategies recommended in the TAP, including the Centers, Corridors and Wedges Growth Frame-work and the City’s multimodal transportation approach.
Focus Area Plan Target Tran.4: The City will conduct an annual survey, to benchmark existing community awareness of the City’s transportation plans and growth strategy by December 2012.

cars at intersection

The survey was conducted from April to May of 2012 and includes responses from 406 randomly selected households within Charlotte and its extra-territorial jurisdiction, using both landline and wireless phone numbers. Questions cover a variety of topics including residents’ opinions about:

  • Existing driving conditions
  • Possible solutions to congestion
  • Priorities for public sector actions
  • Centers, corridors and wedges
  • Pedestrian and bicycle travel
  • Funding road construction and maintenance
  • Air quality
  • Speeding and safety
Survey results:

2012 Transportation Survey Graphical Summary: Graphical Summary Report of all Questions
2012 Transportation Survey Report: Report and Data  from The Jackson Group