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The City of Charlotte completed its first roundabout in 2001 at the intersection of Nineth and Davidson Streets in the First Ward neighborhood.

A roundabout is an intersection design that uses a circular island rather than traffic signals or stop signs. This type of design encourages lower speeds as vehicles drive through the intersection.

The benefits of using a roundabout include:

  • Lower vehicle speeds
  • Fewer and less severe accidents
  • Increased pedestrian safety

Roundabout Rules:

  • Right in, Right out - Drivers enter and exit a roundabout by turning right. Once in a roundabout, all traffic travels in a counter-clockwise direction
  • Roundabout has Right-of-Way - Drivers within the roundabout have the right-of-way
  • Yield on Entry - Drivers entering the roundabout must yield to traffic until a safe opening is available

Roundabout Facts:

  • Roundabouts have no traffic signals to fail or maintain;
  • Drivers cannot "run the roundabout" like they can "run a red light!"
  • Roundabouts reduce the chance and severity of accidents
  • Roundabouts are pedestrian friendly and enhance the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods
  • They provide opportunity for beautification - landscaping in the center island will complement the surrounding area