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Speed Limit Reductions

Speed limits for thoroughfares and major collector streets are established based upon recognized engineering criteria related to roadway design. Some of the variables include street width, lane width, sight distance, number and type of driveways, and vertical/horizontal alignments. Changing conditions may dictate a review of posted speed limits from time to time. NCDOT is involved in the process on most thoroughfare streets.

By State statute, streets within the Charlotte city limits have a speed limit of 35 mph unless otherwise posted. That includes neighborhood streets. There are circumstances where a 25 mph speed limit is more appropriate. CDOT staff will review citizen requests to lower the speed limit on a neighborhood street to 25 mph. Evaluations will focus on sight distance, street width and usage, sidewalks, curves, hills and the depth of residential frontages. The proximity of schools, parks and other pedestrian generators will be considered.

Neighborhood residents may request a reduction in speed limit by writing the CDOT or filling out an online form.  Neighborhood support is desired, and the resident requesting the change in speed limit can obtain that support by one of two methods:

1)  A letter of support from the neighborhood association.  The neighborhood association will be required to notify affected property owners (as defined by CDOT) of the proposed change in speed limit, and no petition will be required, or

2) If the neighborhood association does not support the proposed change, the resident can petition.  Should petitioning be required, the CDOT will define the impact area, and issue the petition to the requestor.  Petitions require signatures from 60% of property owners in the impact area.

Click here to see CDOT's Petition Process.

The speed limit reduction investigation should be complete within 30 days, and you will be contacted with the results.  

Send requests to:  Charlotte Department of Transportation
                            Public Service Division
                            600 E. Fourth Street
                            Charlotte, NC  28202