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The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) is the fourth largest department within the City of Charlotte organization. CDOT has more than 400 employees working in six divisions:

CDOT provides a variety of services directly to the community - such as maintaining streets; installation, maintenance and monitoring of traffic signals; traffic calming devices; and services to neighborhoods. The department also provides overall transportation planning in order to improve roads and streets and make them safer.

Learn how CDOT supports and encourages "Active Transportation."  ‚Äč

Danny C. Pleasant   704-336-3879

Deputy Director
Liz Babson    704-336-3916

Assistant Director
Phil Reiger    704-336-4896

Executive Assistant to the Director
Lynn Alexander    704-336-3882


Charlotte Department of Transportation
600 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
PH: 704-336-4119
FAX: 704-336-4400
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