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The Briar Creek Sewer System Improvement Project - Phase 2
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This project is aimed at adding a large pipe to assist existing sewer pipes that are already dealing with high volumes, natural and man-made obstructions. There are tremendous benefits to the project including environmental and quality of service for you.

Public Meeting
Additional public meetings will be held as construction starts in near areas.

Last Public Meeting:
Date: March 28, 2013.  Meeting Notes.

Customers along Briar Creek between Randolph Road and Country Club Drive participated in a public meetings  prior to construction in 2007, 2009, and 2012. 

Safety Precautions Around Construction Zones

Throughout construction, the safety of residents along the route is of the utmost importance. To help secure the construction area, 6-foot fences will be placed around active work zones. The fences will have view-blocking material in most areas.

To limit truck traffic in the surrounding area, trucks delivering pipe and materials to crews will be allowed to access the sewer route only from designated entry points (see map).

Orange construction barrier fencing will be placed along the construction easements.

Work hours will be limited to a 10-hour period between 7 a.m. (sunrise) and 7 p.m. (sunset) Monday-Friday, excluding Charlotte holidays. Crews will follow the City of Charlotte noise ordinance.

Construction Activities to Expect

Surveying – Crews may enter easements to mark trees for protection or removal. Orange fencing will be placed around protected trees during construction. Erosion control fences may also be put in place.

Clearing – Trees, shrubs, bushes and other vegetation within the construction easement area will be removed. Tree stumps will be removed and holes filled. Debris will be transported off-site and shredded into mulch.

Blasting – Crews may encounter rock while installing pipe along the route. If rock cannot be excavated by traditional methods, these sections of rock will need to be broken by blasting with small amounts of dynamite. Controlled blasting occurs underground in holes drilled into the rock. Blasting is a standard construction procedure and will be monitored with seismographs to help minimize earth vibration levels.

No property damage is expected, including when blasting takes place; however, as a precaution, homes and businesses within 500 feet of any potential blasting will receive a pre-construction survey to record the
condition of the property with exterior and interior photography. If you have a question about this survey, please call Cam Coley at 704-391-5106.