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Fire Line and Fire Hydrant Connections

Private Fire Line Service: hydrant

Less than 4 inch     $  6.31 per bill 
4 inch                     $  6.31 per bill
6 inch                     $13.96 per bill
8 inch                     $23.98 per bill
10 inch                   $37.86 per bill

$2.61 per Ccf of water usage on fire line.
1 Ccf = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water

The availability fee for all Fire Line services is based on a 1-inch meter = $5.63 per billing cycle.

Availability Fees help Utilities pay for water and sewer projects as well as reduce the impact of consumption changes due to weather.

Various Temporary Commercial Fire Hydrant Connections:

Garden Hose         $280 thirty days 

2 NST Fire Hose     $420.00 thirty days

WHOC                     $2.61 per Ccf or at current commercial rate. 
                                 1 Ccf = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water

Relocation of Hydrant Device (WHSC)     $36.00

How to get temporary water service from a fire hydrant.