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Your Water and Sewer Bill
Each month, water, sewer and storm water customers across Mecklenburg County receive a City Services Bill.
While different departments and organizations provide the services – from the City of Charlotte to the Town of Mint Hill – the bills are combined into one document to provide better, more efficient service. CMUD charges are for water and sewer services, while storm water fees are charged by either the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County or one of the six towns in the County, depending on the property’s location. Click here to view back of water bill.

Common Terms

Availability Fees:
These fees apply to both water and sewer. They help CMUD pay for water and sewer projects as well as reduce the impact of consumption changes due to weather. The fees vary based on the size of a customer’s meter. These fees are prorated based on the number of days of service on the bill. A standard residential customer has a 5/8-inch meter and will have a fee of $2.47 per 30-day billing period for water and a fee of $4.56 per 30-day billing period for sewer.

Ccf: An abbreviation representing 100 cubic feet. This is a unit of measure which equals 748 gallons.

Fixed Fees:
The fixed fees for both water and sewer recover the cost of servicing accounts, such as the cost of meter reading and billing. The fixed fee charges are $2.50 per 30-day billing period for water and $2.50 per 30-day billing period for sewer. These fees are prorated based on the number of days of service on the bill.

Irrigation Meter:
A separate meter that supplies water only to an outdoor irrigation system. Water used through an irrigation meter is not subject to sewer usage charges and is billed beginning at the Tier 3 water usage rate.

Sewer Cap: A residential customer’s sewer usage is not metered. The sewer charge is based on metered water usage each month. The sewer cap is the maximum amount of water usage upon which customers are charged sewer fees. It is assumed that water use in excess of the sewer cap is used primarily for irrigation or other outdoor purposes and does not return to the sewer system.

Water Usage Rates: Vary based on the amount of water used and are divided into four tiers. Usage is measured in Ccf. Seventy-five percent of residential customers use 8 Ccf or less each month on average.