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Guide to Understanding Rates and Your Bill

​Since its creation in 1881, Charlotte Water has made strategic infrastructure investments to serve our growing community’s needs. These system improvements protect public health, supply high-quality drinking water, ensure fire protection and support the economic vitality of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. 

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) receives no tax funding; it is funded solely by water and sewer customers. Rate increases are projected annually to recover increasing costs to effectively maintain the community’s growing and aging water and wastewater system.

​​​Ccf: An abbreviation representing 100 cubic feet and used to  measure your water and sewer usage. This unit of measure equals 748 gallons. 

Fixed Fees: These fees for both water and sewer cover the cost of servicing accounts, such as the cost of meter reading and billing. The fixed water fee is $3.57 per 30-day billing period for water and $3.57 per 30-day billing period for sewer. These fees are prorated based on the number of days of service on the bill. 

Availability Fees: All water customers pay an availability fee for each meter during each billing period. These fees apply to both water and sewer. They help Charlotte Water pay for water and sewer projects as well as reduce the impact of consumption changes due to weather. The fees vary based on the size of a customer’s meter. A standard residential customer has a 5/8-inch meter and has fee of $2.97 per 30-day billing period for water and a fee of $6.87 per 30-day billing period for  sewer. 

July 01, 2016 Rates

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