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Field Operations (Pipe Repairs)

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Field Operation crews work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain more than 8,000 miles of pipe and more than 250,000 service connections.  A team of more than 240 employees maintains water and wastewater pipes all over Mecklenburg County.

Water Problems and Emergencies 

What to do if you see or suspect a . . .


Field Operations  began its operation before any other Utilities division with four small water-holding tanks used only for fire protection. In the 1880's, the City constructed a water supply and distribution system to serve the entire city using wooden and clay water pipes.

Now, crews repair meters and pipes as large as 72-inches.  Their vital mission is to make sure clean, safe drinking water is delivered to your home or business on a constant basis. 
CMU Field Operators Repairing a Pipe


Wastewater pipes ranging in size from 8 inches in diameter to 78 inches in diameter, must be maintained day and night to make sure wastewater is safely delivered from your home or business to one of our five wastewater treatment plants.

In addition to protecting the environment by keeping wastewater pipes in good working condition, crews also repair and maintain manholes and sewage lift stations, perform new service connections and work to identify and control odors at or near the wastewater treatment plants.

Field Operations is leading the way using acoustic technology to find sewer blockages.

CMU Field Operators working in manhole

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