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Community Investment Plan
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General Information:

When the City develops a budget each year, a portion of the funds are set aside for the day to day expense of providing public services such as fire protection, water, sewer and solid waste service.

Another portion is set aside for community investments, which are intended to fund projects that will ensure that the City will be able to provide the same or higher levels of service in the future to a growing community.

In order to meet this need, Charlotte Water (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department [CMUD]) oversees hundreds of -- and more than $100 million worth of -- water and sewer improvement projects each year.

​The Community Investment Plan is the process through which Charlotte Water is able to identify and prioritize the many projects needed within a five-year period. The program is updated each year to include projects that will be needed within the next five years. Every other year, a 10-year needs plan is completed.

For a detailed map of our current community investment plant projects, click on one of the below:

QUESTIONS? Please email us or call 704-399-2221 to request information.