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McAlpine Odor Control

Occasionally, customers report lingering odors. When McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was built, it was in a relatively undeveloped part of town, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg has grown.

In the summer of 2001, Utilities started additional efforts to identify the sources of the odor and to reduce the odor with the help of a private contractor and McAlpine's neighbors. Odor Control Tower

Since solid residuals from both the McAlpine facility and the Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant are treated at McAlpine, more digesters were added. Digesters are the main treatment unit for solid residuals removed during the wastewater treatment process and may reduce odor.

Further studies of possible odors from incoming sewer line and on site as well as investigation of other unidentified odor sources will also take place over the next few years. Utilities will continue to keep you informed as this project continues.

To report an odor, fill out our online form.