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When Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities begins a construction project, such as installing a new water or sewer line, a survey crew must be sent out to locate property corners and right-of-way monuments. These mark the area where Utilities has legal access to perform street maintenance or sewer and water improvement work.

Survey crews establish the area available for the construction project and allow us to protect both private and public properties. Survey crews also determine the depth for water and sewer lines by calculating the elevations in the area.

You may see wooden stakes, brightly colored flagging, and paint marks in your yard or on the street after a survey crew has worked. These identify the areas available and not available for construction.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities survey crews cannot perform surveys for private individuals. Contact a licensed professional land surveyor for this work. Land surveyors can be found in your telephone yellow pages under "Surveyors - Land".

For more information about Utilities surveying or about a crew in your area, email us or call 704-399-2221 and ask for surveying.

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