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Dial 311 or 704-336-7600 to:
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  Report a Water Leak or Sewer Spill


Residential Customer 
  Questions About:


       Billing and Payment
       Budget, Rates and Fees


       Cold Weather Tips for Plumbing
       Letter I received from American 
       Water Resources or Homeserve

       Installing Water Meter, Sewer Tap

       Water Leak under public street
       Water Quality or Pressure
       Sewer Back-Up or Overflow

       5 Ways to Save
       Outdoor Watering Tips
       Indoor Watering Tips

  Protecting My Plumbing:
       Cold Weather Tips
       Finding and Fixing Water Leaks
       Where Does My Plumbing Begin?
       What Can Go Down a Disposal?
       How to Read a Meter

  Learn About
       City-County Water Services        
       Calling Before Digging in Yard
       Schedule a Tour 
       Storm Water Services (flooding)

Commercial Customer

       New Connections
       Budget, Rates and Fees 

       Industrial Pretreatment
       Restaurant Grease Inspection

       Smart Irrigation Program
       Backflow Prevention
       Plumbing Co​de Information​

Contractor or Engineer

       Design Manual and Standards
       Contractor and Vendor 

Developer or Builder

       New Connections
       Donated or Developer Projects
       Permitting Process

Waste Performance Report





Wastewater Performance Report

 2013 Water Quality Report

The EPA awarded Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD) with the
Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Award. Click here to see all awards.


- Learn about energy-efficient initiatives, designed to make Charlotte a true national energy leader.