Transit Planning
February 1, 2016 Schedule Change
Minor schedule adjustments will be implemented for the following bus routes: 3, 55, 82X, 591

To learn more about these new schedules, visit www.ridetransit.org or call 704-336-RIDE

Route 1 Mt Holly Road:  The detour via Todd Park on outbound trips to Paw Creek will be discontinued.  Bus stops on Old Mt Holly Rd at East Todd Ln have recently been improved with new benches.  A time point will be added to Old Mt Holly Rd at West Todd Ln.

Route 2 Ashley Park:  New limited weekday service to the Airport Cargo Terminal on Yorkmount Rd will arrive at and depart from the Terminal at 8am, Noon, 6pm, and 11pm.  Existing limited service to DMSI via Old Dowd Rd will be discontinued.  rBus route service between Charlotte Transportation Center  (CTC) and Alleghany Street will remain unchanged.

Route 7 Beatties Ford: An earlier inbound trip will be added to the 7N branch, departing Northlake at 5:37am.  The existing 5:41am inbound trip on the 7S branch will be discontinued.  Remaining early morning 7S trips will continue to depart Harris Corners at 5:26am and 5:57am.

Route 11 North Tryon: Early morning service will be added to the 11U from WT Harris Blvd to John Kirk.  This change will allow customers to use bus stops on the one-way loop north of WT Harris Blvd, including Mallard Creek Church Rd.  These early morning trips will start from the N Tryon bus stop at the hospital and continue inbound from John Kirk.

Route 25 Clanton Road: The last two trips from Hawthorne and 4th St on both weekdays and Saturdays will end at the East/West Blvd LYNX Station. The last trip to Hawthorne and 4th St on Saturdays will start at the East/West Blvd LYNX Station.

Route 30 Woodlawn Scaleybark Crosstown:  Service along Old Steele Creek Rd will be discontinued and replaced with new service on the Route 60.  The Route 30 will operate via Remount Rd in both directions between Wilkinson Blvd and West Blvd.  Bus route service north of Wilkinson Blvd and south of West Blvd will not be changed.  Southbound buses will continue to enter the Wilkinson Blvd Walmart parking lot, while northbound buses will serve Walmart from the external bus stop on Greenland Ave at Ashley Rd.

Route 43 Ballantyne:   New outbound service will be added via North Community House Rd.  Existing routing on Brixham Hill Ave and Ballantyne Medical Pl will be discontinued.  Customers using the bus stop on Brixham Hill Ave may instead use the bus stops on Ballantyne Corporate Pl.  Customers using the bus stop on Ballantyne Medical Pl may instead use a new bus stop on Ballantyne Commons Parkway. The end of the line will move to the Ballantyne Corporate Place bus stop near the Aloft Hotel. 

Route 45X Carmel Rd Express:  New service will be added to the new County Offices on Suttle Avenue via West Morehead St.  Existing inbound routing via South Church Street will be replaced with new routing from 4th St to W Trade St via Poplar St.  Customers using the bus stop on S Church St may instead use the bus stops on 4th St at Tryon or at Church.  All other existing 45X bus stops within Uptown will continue to be served.  Customers connecting from other express routes traveling to the new County Offices may transfer at either Gateway on W Trade St or at the CTC.

Route 60 Tyvola Rd:  Service will be extended to Westerly Hills via W Tyovla Rd, Old Steele Creek Rd, and Ashley Rd.  New Saturday service will be added.  The new Veterans Administration Health Center on W Tyvola Rd is expected to open in Spring 2016.  Two new weekday trips will serve Marion Diehl Park, arriving at 8:38am and departing at 3:15pm.  Existing service to New Renaissance, West Blvd, and Yorkmount Rd will be discontinued.  Customers using the bus stops near West Blvd and Yorkmount Rd may instead use new limited service on the Route 2.  Customers connecting between Routes 10 and 60 at New Renaissance may instead connect at West Blvd and Old Steele Creek Rd.