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he Office of Safety and Security is responsible for the day-to-day safety and security of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS).   These safety and security responsibilities cover anyone who comes in contact with the system including passengers, employees and contractors. The office carries safety oversight responsibility for the physical infrastructure, buses, light rail and streetcar vehicles, Special Transportation Services (STS) and Vanpool vehicles.  CATS Safety and Security has a cohesive staff that specializes in multiple areas of safety and security expertise that implement the many tasks involved in developing and implementing a sustainable safety culture.  Additionally, the Office of Safety and Security provides System Safety Certification coordination between the System Safety Certification Contactor and the Construction Management (CM) firm; provide liaison with Quality Control and interacts to some degree with the design entities and construction contractors as part of the Safety Certification Process.

The management of the System Safety Certification process relegated to the Office of Safety and Security also requires the chairing of various key committees to include the Fire Life Safety Committee (FLSC) Safety and Security Committee (S&S), Bus and Rail Safety Committees and Safety and Security Review Committee (SSRC).  It is through the latter committees that CATS divisions, who play a role in the certification of the Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) $1.2 Billion Blue Line Extension, come together to review and approve the various certification products.   There is also an element of construction safety oversight as it relates to both the safety of the public and to some degree occupational safety of the contractor workers. Both  public and contractor worker safety is supported with some oversight of the contractors to follow their CATS approved Site Specific Safety Plan, through the construction management company or more directly through the Charlotte City Office of Engineering.​

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One key function for the Office of Safety and Security is ground transportation training.  The office goal is to develop professional operators through mission-driven training of providing outstanding community-wide public transportation services that support CATS mission.   Mission-driven training helps the office create and maintain a culture focused on safety and security and align values and behaviors that fulfill a commitment that ensure employees will be informed and knowledgeable. Secondly, the ground transportation training plan will be reviewed and revised to ensure training is consistent with industry requirements, standards and CATS guidelines.  The training plans will incorporate goals and objectives, leading and lagging indicators, current data trends and identified performance metrics to measure training effectiveness.