Transit Planning

CATS Reminds LYNX Blue Line Customers to Be Safe

Your safety on and near the LYNX Blue Line is CATS' number one priority. Please remember to practice safety around train tracks. Trains can't stop as quickly as you can and they can’t steer clear if you enter the rail right-of-way. It takes a light rail vehicle up to 600 feet (that's two football fields) to come to a complete stop if the train is going 55 miles per hour.
Important Rail Safety Tips:
• Do not wear headphones when walking near train tracks. They might keep you from hearing an oncoming train.
• Avoid talking on the phone, texting or other distractions when around train tracks.
• Trains always have the right-of-way all day, every day.
• Always stand behind the textured warning strips.
• Don't stand on/near the tracks. Trains have an overhang and may still hit you even if you are not on the track.
• Never race a train to a crossing.
• Never step in front of a train. There is no need to step in front of the rail vehicle or flag it down.The vehicle will stop at all LYNX stations.
• Only cross tracks at designated crosswalks.  There are clearly marked signs showing you safe areas to cross the tracks.
• Keep away from all overhead wires that power trains. These high voltage wires will cause serious injury
• Always hold your child's hand while waiting for the train.
• Look, Listen, Live!