Transit Planning
Effective June 25, 2012 


Route 80X – Concord Express


On Monday, June 25 through Monday, July 2, 2012, the Embassy Suite Concord Convention Center park and ride lot will be unavailable to CATS riders due to activities at the Convention Center. Alternative lots are available for passengers during this time.
Monday, June 25
Wednesday, June 27 – Monday, July 2
Rocky River Golf Course
6900 Bruton Smith Boulevard
Access the Rocky River Golf Course parking area by entering from Bruton Smith Boulevard, continue to the clubhouse, then make the first right into the parking lot. CATS riders may park in the back row spaces near the hedges.
Tuesday, June 26
Rocky River Golf Course lot is not available this day.
Please utilize one of the following lots:
Target/Home Depot, 3333 Cloverly Parkway, Concord
Big Lots, 280 Highway 29 South, Concord
Cheddar’s Café, 620 University Center Boulevard, Charlotte
Thank you for riding CATS. We are sorry for the inconvenience.