Transit Planning
North Tryon Bus Stops Relocated for Blue Line Extension Construction

Effective Monday, August 12, 2013

Route 11 - North Tryon

On August 12th, construction for the Blue Line Extension will begin impacting bus service along North Tryon. The construction of retaining walls necessary to widen North Tryon will require the relocation of three bus stops, and the closure of one bus stop, effective August 12th. These bus stop changes will impact customers using the Route 11 to travel to and from the Walmart store, the DMV, and other surrounding destinations.

For CATS customers going outbound to Walmart, please use the relocated stop at Shopping Center Drive, which has a signal to cross Tryon. For inbound customers leaving Walmart, walk towards the lower driveway between Walmart and the Golden Corral to access the relocated stop near the overhead transmission lines. The stairs beside Kangaroo Express will be closed, due to construction.

For CATS customers going outbound to the DMV, the stop will depend on whether you are riding the 11K or the 11U. For 11K customers, use the final stop on Ken Hoffman, one block off North Tryon. For 11U customers, use the relocatedstop on North Tryon just before WT Harris.  The inbound stop at Clark Blvd will close, effective August 12th. CATS customers should instead use either the prior inbound stop at McCullough or the following inbound stop at Brookside.

As construction advances, there are likely to be additional bus service changes. Please look for future Riders Alerts on the Route 11.