Transit Planning
Routes 45X, 61X, 62X

Effective Tuesday, Sept. 4 and Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012

DNC Detours

On Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 routes 45X, 61X and 62X will detour because of events associated with the Democratic National Convention. 


Inbound Morning


Inbound trips will depart from Providence Promenade, the Arboretum and from Providence/Sharon Amity at their regular scheduled times.


Inbound, the 45X Carmel Rd Express will take its regular route to Randolph Rd and Wendover Rd, then turn right on Wendover Rd then the route will  turn right onto Providence Rd.


From Wendover Rd, all three routes, 45X, 61X and 62X will travel inbound on Providence Rd to Queens Rd and continue onto East Morehead St.  Continuing along East Morehead St, all three routes willturn right on South Mint St, then left on West Trade St and continue to theGateway Center.


There will be a temporary express bus stop on East Morehead St at Morehead Square Dr, one short block from the LYNX Blue Line Carson Station where people can transfer to the LYNX Blue Line.  Other stops include, South Mint St near the Bank of America Stadium, the Relocated Transit Center at South Mint St at 3rd St, and existing stops on West Trade St between South Mint St and the Gateway Center.


Outbound Afternoon


Outbound trips will depart from Gateway Center at their regularly scheduled times.


In the afternoon, outbound trips will begin at the Gateway Center on West Trade St, continue on West Trade St and turn right on Church Street.  All existing stops on West Trade St will be in use,including the stop eastbound on West Trade St at Church St.  Buses will turn right on Church St, left on West Morehead St then to Queens Rd and continue onto Providence Road.


The 45X Carmel Road Express will turn left on Wendover, right on Randolph and continue the regular route. 


In addition to the outbound stops on West Trade St, CATS will install a temporary express bus stop on Church St between Stonewall St and Hill St, and there will be a temporary stop on East Morehead St near Morehead Square Dr for people coming off of the LYNX Blue Line at the Carson Station.




Customers traveling to the hospital area near 4th and Elizabeth Ave should consider using local routes 14 Providence Road or 15 Randolph Road. 


Some customers should consider using the LYNX Blue Line.  The LYNX Blue Line will terminate at the Stonewall Station on Tuesday, Sept. 4 and Wednesday, Sept 5.