Transit Planning
Rider's Alert
Effective December 3, 2011   10:30 am – 4:00 pm

Davidson Christmas Parade

Route 97

On Saturday, December 3rd, the Davidson Christmas Parade will take place.  The following streets will be effected:
Cornelius Town Hall, Sadler Square Shopping Center, Jackson St & Hwy 115.  Buses will follow the detour below for the duration of the parade.


Outbound: From (Huntersville Gateway Park & Ride) 
Buses will use the regular route to Catawba Ave. & Mulberry St., make a left on Mulberry St., a right on 1ST Driveway (behind Food Lion), make a right on Jane Crump Lane, 
Make a right on Catawba Ave & continue straight to 1-77 (north), make a right on I-77 (North) & continue to Exit 30, make a right on Exit 30 (Davidson/Davidson College) onto Griffith Rd.,
make a right on Davidson Gateway St. & resume regular route to the End of Line.
Rt. 97 (Cornelius Village Rider)

Inbound: From (Walnut Street) End of Line/Ada Jenkins Center
Buses will continue straight on Walnut Street to Potts St, make a right on Potts St., a right on Jetton St and continue straight to Griffith St thru the traffic circle continuing on Griffith thru the next traffic circle to I-77(South), make a left on I-77 and continue to Exit 28, it will then take a left on Catawba Ave, a  left on Mulberry St, a right on New Center Dr, a right on Jane Crump Lane, a right on Catawba Ave, and resume the regular route to Huntersville Gateway Park & Ride.