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Bringing Your Bike

Whether you're an avid cyclist or just riding for fun, CATS invites you to Rack and Ride throughout the area. Easy to use bike racks are located on all our buses and light rail vehicles for your convenience. With CATS, you can bike to the nearest bus stop, park and ride location, or rail station.
Loading Your Bike:
1.    The on-board location for bicyclists is the priority seating area for seniors and disabled passengers.
2.    If this space is not in use by a customer, bicyclists should fold up the seat and then proceed to secure their bike in the upright rack located near the front and rear doors.
3.    To secure your bike, first make sure the kickstand is up, then lift your bike and hook the front wheel into the hanger at the top. From there, slide the bottom tire into the wheel tray located slightly below the window.
4.    If a bike rack is not available, cyclists may stand with their bikes in the low-floor area of the train as along as they do not interfere with other passengers or block the doorways.
5.    Be sure to keep your bike out of the aisle and away from the train door.

Bike Rack on LYNX

Unloading Bike on LYNX

Unloading Your Bike:
1.    As you approach your stop, prepare to remove your bike from the rack as soon as the train stops moving.
2.    Be sure to allow other passengers to exit before you unload your bike.

LYNX Bike Rules:

  • Cyclists are responsible for their own bicycle at all times.  Securing the bike in the bike rack is the sole responsibility of the cyclists.
  • In the event of any emergency, cyclists must leave their bikes on the train so as to not block the aisles or doors.
  • Use ramps or elevators when taking bikes in and out of all LYNX stations.
  • Tandem and motorized bikes are not permitted on LYNX trains.  Motorized bikes are not allowed on station platforms, ramps or elevators.
  • Any bike found unattended will be subject for removal by CATS' authorized personnel.

Bike Safety Around The LYNX Blue Line:
Bike Safety near LYNX Blue Line
When riding your bike near the rail line, it is important to remember that the LYNX Blue Line trains travel along the street and are very quiet.

Please stay alert and follow these safety tips:

  • Never stop on the tracks or within 15 feet of them.

  • Cross tracks only at designated crossings and only when it is safe to do so.

  • Look both ways and listen before crossing.  Trains travel quietly in both directions. Never ride your bike around lowered crossing gate arms.

  • Never race a train or try to beat the train to a crossing.

  • Cross tracks at a 90 degree angle so your wheels donĀ¹t get caught in the rails.

    Bikes On LYNX:

    Bikes are allowed on LYNX trains anytime day or night. Each train has four interior bike racks.

    At The Station:

  • Walk, do not ride, your bicycle at stations, on platforms or on the trains.
  • After purchasing your ticket, walk your bike to the boarding area and stand behind the tactile warning strip.
  • When boarding, cyclists should allow other passengers to board first.
  • Avoid boarding trains that are full.  Cyclists may be asked to wait for the next train.