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Accessibility Information

CATS designed the LYNX system to meet or exceed ADA requirements.  In doing so all LYNX trains, stations and park and ride lots are accessible with either ramps or elevators.  Light rail station platforms and light rail vehicles were built to provide level floor, direct access to enter and exit the vehicle without the need for a ramp. On each platform there are at least two ticket vending machines which have Braille, audio instructions and are accessible to customers using mobility aids. 

Access door button

Boarding LYNX with a Mobility Device

Boarding LYNX Blue Line with a Mobility Device
For your safety, be sure to stay behind the white bumpy tiles (tactile warnings) located at the edge of each platform. If the light rail doors are already open you can enter the vehicle.  During off peak hours, doors may not automatically open. If necessary, press the button (see picture) located on the outside of each door.

On Board LYNX in a Mobility Device

On Board the Train

Each car has four accessible priority seating areas.  Inside each door are two large open areas marked as priority seating for seniors and passengers with disabilities.  If using a wheelchair or scooter, roll into one of the areas marked with the accessibility symbol. Securement of mobility devices is optional and may not be necessary on LYNX light rail vehicles.
If you need to sit in one of these areas, it is very simple to release the seats in the accessible locations.  For the seat facing the aisle, pull the round lever located at the hinge of the seat.  To lower the upright seat facing the opposite accessible area, just push the seat down and sit.  Service animals are welcome.
Exiting the Train

Each vehicle has variable message boards and an audio public address system which announce station stops.  All LYNX Blue Line vehicles stop at each station and there is no need to press a "stop requested" button.  However, accessible areas do provide a "stop request" button and can be used to remind operators of your need to exit at the approaching station.

Accessible Stop Request

Exiting LYNX with a mobility device

Before the LYNX vehicle arrives at your stop, push the button request strip located near the grab bar.  When the train stops, exit through the doors.  If the doors do not automatically open, press the button located in the middle of the door.  (see picture above) The vehicle doors make a beeping sound to indicate they are closing.