Transit Planning
LYNX Blue Line Operators and Mechanics Will Shine During Their Annual Rodeo Competition
Immediate Release ─ April 10, 2013

LYNX light rail operators and mechanics from Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) will demonstrate their skills and compete against one another in the fifth Annual Light Rail Rodeo on Saturday, April 13, at 9:00 a.m. The event will take place at the South Boulevard Light Rail Facility, located at 3200 South Boulevard. Co-workers, family and friends of CATS light rail operators and maintainers will see first-hand the skills needed to keep the LYNX Blue Line running safely and on time.

Operators are judged on a pre-trip inspection, measured stops and operating procedures on the rail line, a written test and professional appearance. Light rail maintainers also complete a written test and are evaluated on several abilities including tool identification, defective components search, troubleshooting circuits, proper fastening of nuts and bolts, measuring of rail wheels and knowledge of mechanical properties and formulas. Winners will advance to represent CATS at the International Rail Rodeo in Philadelphia, PA on May 30 – June 2. The rodeo is a competitive test that measures the safety knowledge and skills held by the light rail operator and maintenance teams.  

“We have a fantastic team that is committed to operating a system that is safe and reliable as well as maintaining it in a state of good repair,” said Allen Smith, CATS General Manager of Rail Operations. “The LYNX Blue Line handled almost 5 million rides during the 2012 fiscal year with zero preventable accidents.” CATS light rail has maintained an on-time performance of 99 percent and continues to be one of the safest light rail systems in the country. 

For more information about CATS and its services, visit www.ridetransit.org or call 704-336-7433.