Transit Planning
CATS Bus Mechanics Set The Stage For Excellence During Day of Competition
Immediate Release - April 12, 2012

The Charlotte Area Transit System’s (CATS) Bus Operation Division (BOD) employees are ready to show off their skills during the Seventh Annual CATS Bus Maintenance Roadeo Saturday, April 14, from 8 a.m. to noon. The event will take place at the South Tryon Bus Facility, located at 3145 South Tryon Street. CATS mechanics teams will be joined by a team traveling from the Winston-Salem Transit Authority (WSTA).

CATS has highly skilled mechanics that work 24/7 keeping 342 buses on the road to get you to where you need to go safely and on time. The teams of mechanics will put their expertise to the test in an intense competition to locate and repair maintenance problems. The mechanic competition requires skills in identifying defects in engine, transmission, brake and HVAC modules. Two new events are being tested this year. They include finding and repairing defects in the vapor doors and wheelchair lifts. These new events will be part of the National competition as well.  Teams also take a written exam testing their knowledge of proper care of transit buses.  

The winning teams will advance to the 2012 International Bus Maintenance Roadeo competition in Indianapolis, Indiana in May of 2013 where they will compete against other transit agencies from across the country.  “The Maintenance Roadeo gives employees a chance to demonstrate the exceptional skills and knowledge that kept CATS’ buses running for more than 15 million miles last year,” said Reggie Arrington, CATS’ Director of Maintenance. “CATS mechanics look forward to this annual event, and it is a fun way to showcase their professionalism and top-notch skills. The featured events highlight safety and reliability.” Maintenance employees undergo intense training on a regular basis and perform extensive inspections of vehicles’ tires, engines, brakes and other key parts before the buses hit the streets. 

To learn more about CATS and its services, visit www.ridetransit.org, or call 704- 336-7433.