Transit Planning
CATS Receives Federal Grant to Add More Hybrids to its Fleet
Immediate Release - July 24, 2012 

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) just learned that it will receive $4 million from the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) FY2012 State of Good Repair Fund.  CATS will purchase six additional hybrid buses to add to the thirteen already in the fleet.

“This will allow CATS to replace older buses with newer, clean technology,” said Larry Kopf, Chief Operations Planning Officer for CATS.  “The additional hybrid technology buses that we will purchase with these funds help reduce emissions, save on fuel costs, extend the brake life and reduce long term maintenance costs.”

CATS plans to use the new buses on all routes across the city.  Transit buses using hybrid electric technology produce 90 percent fewer particulate, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions and up to 95 percent reduction in Nitrous Oxides.  Maintenance costs for the hybrid electric are 10 percent less than maintenance costs on the diesel buses. Hybrid electric buses also deliver a 20 to 40 percent improvement in fuel economy over diesel buses and quieter sound levels equal to passenger car operations. 

To learn more about CATS and its services, call 704-336-7433 or visit us on the web at www.ridetransit.org.