Transit Planning
Tom Stanley - Charlotte, NC
Worked with students from two local schools to develop art for BLE Tom Hunter Station.

Artist Tom Stanley Teaching Students At Hidden Valley Elementary School 

LYNX Blue Line Extension artist Tom Stanley is incorporating public art into the Tom Hunter Station. He visited with the nearby Hidden Valley Community Association (HVCA) to gather information and learn the history about the community. During the course of these meetings, the HVCA suggested getting the children’s perspective of the community by working with students at nearby schools. 
That fall, Tom Stanley did just that. The artist worked with 20 students from two Hidden Valley neighborhood schools to involve them in the process of integrating public art at the future Tom Hunter light rail station. 
Stanley worked with the Art Club at Hidden Valley Elementary on September 17-18 and the Citizens School’s after school program at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School on November 14. At both schools the artist taught the students about public art in Charlotte and across the nation. He also explained how he was working to produce public art for a light rail station that will serve Hidden Valley and other nearby neighborhoods. The artist then invited the students to assist in the development of his public art for Tom Hunter Station. At the elementary school, the artist taught students to draw and cut out silhouette images of their homes. He plans to use the images to produce his final design for station art windscreens and handrails. At Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, students wrote poems and prose about their neighborhood, which the artist will use on the columns.

MLK Jr Middle School Students with Artist Tom Stanley 

“As an educator, I often find that the best ideas can be generated by young people whose energy and intuitive approach to images and words can be refreshing, direct and honest,” said Stanley.
Tom Stanley is Chair of the Department of Fine Arts at Winthrop University. In addition to teaching, exhibiting and lecturing about art, Stanley has received numerous commissions to create permanent public art, often collaborating with fellow artist Shaun Cassidy. Stanley earned his MFA in Painting and MA in Applied Art History from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. He also earned a BA in Studio Art from Belmont Abbey/Sacred Heart Colleges in Belmont, NC.